Wireless Charger Car Phone Holder




This car phone holder is the best invention for holding your phone in car! It clamps down on the vents very tightly, and it has the strong grip which can keep your phone stay in place while you are driving. Protect your phone from being damaged scratched or falling off, and also let you take it easy when driving.

The ball and socket joint in the fastening clip gives you 360° of rotation so that you can adjust your view to any desired horizontal or vertical angle.

A soft silicone back and protective silicone pads on the bottom cradle protect your phone from scratches and wear.

Mount your phone with just one hand using the automatic fasten and one-touch release mechanism. The arms of the device will open automatically when it senses your phone 5-20 cm away, making mounting your phone easier than ever! To release your phone, just tap the back of the phone mount and the arms of the Cell Phone Car Mount will open and close.

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