Thundeal TD60 Projector Review

Thundeal TD60 projector comes in 3 variants: Basic, Multi-Screen and Android versions. Choose your preferences and of course, the price varies based on the version.

Thundeal TD60 projector review – The projector has built-in Wi-Fi and full Android. The advantage of having the projector is that you do not need to download a movie to a flash drive or use cables but connect and watch it online. The projector has great resolution and brightness, works silently. You can connect your mouse with built-in Bluetooth. Built-in powerful 5W Hi-Fi stereo allows you to watch your favorite movies or football game anywhere.

Thundeal Projector Review
Thundeal TD60 projector details

Let`s take a look at some customer reviews:

Thundeal TD60 projector customer reviews
Thundeal TD60 projector customer review
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