DNA Kit comparison: AncestryDNA vs. 23andMe vs. MyHeritage vs. Living DNA

DNA Tests comparison. Photo credit: smarterhobby.com

This comparison will help you find out best choice for your needs

The commercial DNA test kit market is growing so the products and services offered varies. Two of the biggest players are Ancestry and 23andMe.

These services enable you to find DNA matching relatives, explore your ancestry and even discover how much Neanderthal DNA is kicking around inside you. Your DNA also gets analyzed to let you know of health risk factors and other key health issues. However, they are quite different in terms of the information and services they provide. So which is best for you?

AncestryDNA – Best choice if you focus on finding people who share some of the same DNA markers as you and you do not mind shelling out for a subscription to access all the genealogy features

23andMe – Best choice if you are more interested in your health markers and whether you are genetically predisposed to perfect pitch

MyHeritage – The test explores your autosomal and gender genes for a full overview of your ethnic percentages. If you subscribe to the company’s services, you can complement your final results with billions of genealogical records in its database.

LivingDNA – The final report provides you with a thorough breakdown of your maternal and paternal ancestry, your haplogroup/subclade, and the migration map of your ancestors.