Ergonomic Office Chair with Headrest



Ergonomic Office Chair AMO70 with Headrest

Ergosolid AMO-70 with headrest

  • Perfect for office or home
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Large and comfortable seat
  • The backrest is trimmed with a breathable mesh made of elastic fiber
  • High-quality fabric on the seat
  • Black finishing elements made of plastic
  • Large armrests
  • Lumbar support ( removable pillow )
  • Profiled seat foam with high resilience 60 kg / m3
  • Seat tilt mechanism with lock function and adjustable resistance
  • Adjustable seat height on a gas lift
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Black nylon five-star base with a diameter of 640 mm
  • 50 mm diameter nylon wheels
  • Payload: 135 kg
  • Currently available colors: Gray, Black, Blue

A product of a reputable brand: Ergosolid®

When placing an order, please provide the color of the chair in the comments.

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Comfortable office chair Ergosolid® AMO-70 with the Tilt mechanism (rocking function). The armchair is finished with a wipe-resistant fabric, the backrest is covered with a comfortable and breathable membrane mesh, and the swivel base is made of light and strong nylon. This chair has been designed to provide comfort for many hours of work. Properly contoured backrest with lumbar support, in the form of a removable pillow and an adjustable headrest, help to maintain the correct position of the body. Depending on individual needs, the support cushion can be moved, removed or placed directly under the back.

Ergonomic Office Chair


  • ergonomic design based on the model of the human body
  • the gas actuator allows for smooth height adjustment and chair rotation
  • removable lumbar support cushion
  • a properly profiled backrest increases the comfort of sitting by relieving the spine
  • high-density, breathable seat sponge is suitable for long-term sitting
  • adjustable headrest

Backrest tilt function (TILT mechanism)

  • the mechanism allows free swinging in the range of 90 ° ~ 135 °
  • adjustable backrest resistance makes it possible to adjust the force to the user’s weight
  • option of locking the backrest tilt mechanism in the 90 ° position


  • Armchair
  • Set of screws
  • Installation instructions




Gray office chair


Black office chair



Blue office chair


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